Saturday, October 15, 2011

2008 Sodaro Estate Petit Verdot

My last wine review was for the very interesting 2009 John Galt Proprietary Red. Like that one, the 2008 Sodaro Petit Verdot comes from Bounty Hunter Wines. Note the hand-written lot number:

This is a very dry wine--very dry--with a medium body and excellent nose. Petit Verdots are not very common  as stand alones; the grapes are more often used in blends. However, when done well I am told they can be exceptional. The Sodaro certainly was in the ballpark. It was a bit too complex for my palate, but the taste was superb, especially for a medium body wine. The fruit flavors were dark--raspberry/blackberry--and there was a barely perceptible oak flavor. The finish was smooth and long. Highly recommended, if you can find a bottle.

Cheers, all. *hic*

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